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Have You Seen The Largest Climbing Gym In The World?

If you’re a gym climber then you need to add the largest climbing gym in the world to your bucket list.

The biggest climbing gym will give you hundreds of routes to climb on as well as a gigantic training facility and plenty of apres activities.

Take a look for the biggest gym near you and start planning your next vacation.

Largest Climbing Gym In The World

The largest indoor climbing gym in the world is a climbing gym in Paris, France called Climb Up Aubervilliers.

This is the biggest climbing gym because it has the most climbable surface, which come in at an astonishing 53,819 sq. ft or 5,000 sq meters. There are over 600 different climbing routes you can climb on and all of this terrain is entirely indoors.

The gym was built in 2022 and offers lead climbing, auto belays, top roping and bouldering. However, despite the massive gym area, the walls will max out at around 40 feet or 10 meters. This is a climbing and bouldering gym at such a huge scale, you’ll never have to worry about the gym being too crowded or no routes being available.

Tallest Indoor Climbing Wall In Europe

The tallest indoor climbing wall in Europe is at the Woodrock climbing gym in Poprad, Slovakia. where the climbing walls here top out at 31 meters! It’s not every day that you need a 70 meter climbing rope just to get up the lead walls at your local climbing gym.

Tallest Climbing Wall In The USA

Climbing gyms in the USA will vary in height, many gyms will be around 60 feet. But the tallest indoor climbing walls in the USA are at Project Rock in Easley, SC.

I was pretty surprised to hear that a gym in South Carolina took the cake for the tallest indoor climbing surface. In my experience, many of the local gyms have shorter walls up to 40 feet while the larger chains get closer to 50 and 60 feet.

But ProjectRock has done a fantastic job replicating real rock climbing on their artificial walls. If you’re too far from real rock climbing, the next best thing is heading to climbing gyms to train and get your fix.

Largest Climbing Gym In The USA

The largest climbing gym in the United States is Pacific Pipe in Oakland, CA with a 46,000 sq ft facility.

Pacific Pipe has 33,000 sq ft for roped climbing and 13,000 sq ft for bouldering. This is one of the biggest climbing gyms in the world and will provide an outstanding climbing experience for beginners and experts. One cool feature about this gym is that the warehouse used to be a pipe factory.

In my experience, I have had trouble getting proper training on lead climbing due to climbing gym walls being so short. The second climbing gym I ever went to only had lead climbing walls up to 40 feet! That’s practically only 5 or 6 bolts worth of climbing.

Thankfully, the lead climbing walls at Pacific Pipe reach 55 feet. Any gym climber will get their pump on with that height. And best of all with all of the bouldering terrain available you won’t have any trouble building your power and power endurance.

Tallest Rock Climbing Wall In The World

The tallest artificial rock climbing wall in the world is 164 ft tall at Base Camp Climbing in Reno, NV.

This wall is certified by the Guiness Book of World records as the world’s largest climbing wall. Members and non-members of the gym can purchase a pass to climb up to the top.

The Base Camp Climbing wall allows you to top rope climb or lead climb the mega pitch. If you’re ever in The Biggest Little City in The World, Reno, then I highly recommend giving this route a whirl.

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