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Mad Rock Mad Pad Review

The Mad Rock Mad Pad is one of our favorite crash pads that provides a lot of bang for your buck. It’s a great first pad if you’re looking to not break the bank but also get a decent amount of innovative features.

Check out our list of the best crash pads to see how the Mad Rock Mad Pad stacks up to other pads on the market.

Mad Rock Mad Pad

The 2023 redesign of the Mad Rock Mad Pad brings new features to the crash pad while also reducing the price. This is a great pad for the money because it has a decent landing surface area and has thick foam to protect you from rocks, roots, and any other hazards that the pad will cover. If you’re looking for your first pad without breaking the bank or you want multiple mad rock pads for their velcro seam integration, then the Mad Rock Mad Pad is a great choice.


The Mad Pad has a sandwich foam construction. The top layer and bottom layer are both one inch of closed cell foam, while the middle is three inches of open cell foam.

In my bouldering experience, the stiff foam on the top and bottom of the pad provides stability for your feet when you’re falling. As the closed cell foam compresses, the softer open cell foam provides a cushion.

Without the firm foam, when you fall feet first you would have a greater likelihood of rolling your ankle. Having a firm, but soft platform to land on helps keep you standing upright so you can land and perform a proper bouldering fall.

Mad Rock Mad Pad Tech Specs

Weight14 lbs
Open Dimensions48" x 36" x 5"
Closed Dimensions24" x 36" x 10"
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited lifetime
MaterialsWeatherproof canvas
Carry ModeRemovable padded backpack straps, adjustable sternum strap, webbing waist belt
Fold StyleHinge style
Padding1-3-1 sandwich


The five inches of foam on the Mad Pad really helps the durability of this pad. When I was first landing on the pad, it felt pretty stuff. But the good news is that even the old Mad Pad I bought off a used climbing gear Whats App group still cushioned my high falls without my feet feeling any sharp rock covered up by the pad.

The hooks on the straps are all made of high quality aluminum so you won’t have to worry about them getting dinged up if you accidentally step on them or when you’re throwing the pad on the ground. Another durability feature I like is that the outer cover material is made from weather resistant material. I can easily brush off any dirt or mud and I don’t need to worry about water seeping into the foam and getting things moldy.


  • Adjustable chest strap, waist strap, and comfortable plush shoulder straps
  • Aircraft grade aluminum hooks that will hold up to the rugged outdoors
  • Full length velcro strip to connect multiple pads and increase your landing zone
  • Fresh new colors in the 2023 redesign

With the 2023 redesign of this crash pad, you get a few more features and a price point that gives you great value.

The pad now comes with removable, adjustable, plush backpack straps so you have no issues carrying the pad. These comfort features are a huge help when you’re carrying gear. Also included in the pad is an adjustable chest strap, aircraft grade aluminum straps, and a detachable magic carpet to scrape dirt off your shoes at the base of the climb.


You can fit your typical gear in the crash pad, basic items like your climbing shoes, chalk, and guide book. But in my experience using the Mad Pad, it didn’t have any special features to set carrying gear apart from other pads. Other pads, like the Mad Rock Duo, include a few stretchy pockets and flaps that can cinch down to help keep your gear more secure.

Transporting and Carrying

I have found the newly designed plush shoulder straps to be a huge help when carrying this crash pad. But other than that, there aren’t too many revolutionary features for carrying this pad. You’ll still need to figure out a way to jerryrig multiple pads together if you want them all on your back. The pad does include a handle so you can easily carry the crash pad like a briefcase from boulder to boulder.

Best Intended Use

In our experience, the best use for the Mad Pad is if you want your first crash pad without breaking the bank. Since this pad has a full length velcro strip, it can easily connect with other pads forming a huge mega pad to protect your landings.


If you’re looking for a strictly cheap crash pad, then we don’t actually recommend the Mad Pad, we would instead recommend you look at the Black Diamond Circuit. But this pad gives you a lot of good features for the price, it’s a great value.

Where to Buy the Mad Rock Mad Pad

You can buy the Mad Rock Mad Pad at any major outdoor online retailer, from the Mad Rock website or you can check at your local outdoor climbing retailer.

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