Climbing Gear Reviews ยป Netflix Rock Climbing Documentaries (and Amazon Prime + Hulu)

Netflix Rock Climbing Documentaries (and Amazon Prime + Hulu)

Best Climbing Movies

  1. Dawn Wall – Editors Choice
  2. Free Solo – Most likely to make your hands sweat
  3. Valley Uprising – Better than History Class
  4. Touching the Void – An incredible mountaineering documentary
  5. The Alpinist – A heart wrenching story about living

Are you trying to get a psyche loan from the best climbing documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu? We got you covered.

The rack you’ll need for this send is simple. A computer, internet, and an extra-large bucket of popcorn. We here at Outdoor Rack Builder took a look through all the climbing movies and climbing documentaries available at your fingertips.

Climbing movies, books, rock climbing documentaries, and even Instagram reels are the perfect way to recharge your passion for the next time you head out climbing. How convenient you can catch a glimpse into the minds of the top climbers in the world without leaving the comfort of your Sprinter Van.

Empty out your Friction Labs Chalk bucket and fill it up with movie theater popcorn butter. Grab your climbing partner and let’s go to the movies!

Dawn Wall – The Editors Choice (Redbull TV, Amazon Prime)


  • Legendary commentary from John Long
  • Triumphant fist-pumping moments
  • Inspiration for climbers everywhere

Where to watch

The Dawn Wall is my favorite climbing film. I not only saw it in theaters but also multiple times on Netflix. This documentary is centered around Tommy Caldwell and his seemingly impossible task of free climbing one of the hardest routes on El Capitan. Tommy teams up with an unlikely partner, Kevin Jorgensen, as they embark on their epic adventure.

Even though I’ve watched Tommy and Kevin climb El Cap multiple times, I still find myself standing up and fist pumping during this movie. This climbing documentary is a huge win for the climbing community.

If you only have time for one, choose The Dawn Wall!

El Capitan is the main star in many climbing movies

Free Solo (Disney Plus, Amazon Prime)


  • Breathtaking aerial footage of El Capitan
  • The complete training program used by Honnold to prepare for his send
  • Comedic relief courtesy of Mikey Schaefer

Where to watch

Free Solo stars Alex Honnold and revolves around his quest to climb El Capitan without any rope. You’re going to need a chalk bag for watching this. My hands drip uncontrollably whenever I even think about some of the scenes from Free Solo. Dangling high above Yosemite Valley with a rope is enough to make my head spin… but take away my rope and I’m only secured to the wall with a hand jam! Whew buddy!

Spoilers! Thankfully, he succeeds, but even though you know the ending it is still worth a watch! Take some time to view the behind-the-scenes to see how Jimmy Chin and crew filmed this monumental send.

Valley Uprising (Amazon Prime, Redbull TV)


  • A complete history of climbing in the climbing capital of the universe
  • Candid interviews with the biggest names in climbing history
  • A climbing documentary that higlights the golden age of Yosemite climbing.

Where to watch

If there was a college course about the history of Yosemite climbing. I would recommend saving your money and rent Valley Uprising instead. Sender Films builds an incredible storyline detailing the rise of climbing in Yosemite National Park. This climbing documentary showcases the biggest names in climbing history and highlights the incredible first ascent of El Capitan.

Touching The Void (Amazon Video)


  • Watching how two climbers overcame a bone-chilling disaster
  • Inspiration and proof that you can overcome insurmountable odds

Where to watch

Touching the Void, also a book by the same name recounts the harrowing story of two British Climbers: Joe Simpson and Simon Yates. During a mountain climbing expedition in the Peruvian Andes, the climbers are overtaken by a storm during their descent. Disaster strikes when Simpson breaks his leg. Their descent becomes an evacuation mission that continues to get worse.

This is a gripping story, but it will show you what we humans are capable of even in the grimmest situations. If we’re still breathing, then we have a chance to succeed

The Alpinist (Netflix, Amazon)


  • Beautiful visuals of the outdoors
  • A story of a man forging his own path and living a unique life

Where to watch

The Alpinist is a heartwrenching story following the life of Canadian Climber Marc-Andre LeClerc. The visuals in the movie are beautiful. Gorgeous shots of landscapes blanketed in snow and jagged, craggy mountain peaks that pierce the sky.

The story ultimately ends in heartbreak and it is tragic. This movie left me wondering if climbing is ultimately worth the risk in the end. There is an asymmetric share of risk in the sport. The climbers enjoy the beauty of mountains and the triumph of conquest. But our family and friends don’t share those rewards directly. And if something happens to a climber, their family and friends deal directly with those consequences for the rest of their lives.

Reel Rock

Reel Rock is a yearly collection of short rock climbing documentaries. Two of my favorite things about Reel Rock is that: eight of the seasons are free on Red Bull TV and the film series will tour around the country and premier at climbing gyms and theaters near you.

The films in Reel Rock vary from 20 minutes to an hour. The length of the film will usually correlate with the feat of the accomplishment they’re showcasing. Reel Rock will feature hard sport climbing, bouldering, alpinism, big wall climbing, and diving deep into climbing culture.

If you aren’t sure where to start, head over to Red Bull TV and check out The Nose Speed record from Season 6. It pits Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold as they battle Jim Reynolds and the late Brad Gobright for The Nose speed record crown.

Best Rock Climbing Documentaries

  1. The Dawn Wall
  2. Free Solo
  3. Valley Uprising
  4. The Alpinist
  5. Touching The Void

Climbing Movies on Hulu

Fine Lines details climbers going through some of the most extreme climbs at the time. We do get to see an early glimpse at Tommy Caldwell when he was in the early stages of climbing the Dawn Wall!

This Mountain Life follows a 60 year old mother on her 6 month ski trek through the mountains of British Columbia.

Climbing Documentary

If you’re looking for a rock climbing documentary, check out Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey which is available on Amazon Prime Video. This film follows the life of Fred Beckey and his exploits as one of the earliest pioneers in the climbing world. Beckey lived well into his 90s and managed to continue rock climbing until he was 94 years old.

Another great option for climbing movies is the Reel Rock franchise. These are a collection of short rock climbing documentaries that feature the best happenings from the previous year in the climbing community. Many of these are available on Red Bull TV for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch rock climbing?

If you want to watch climbing in person, then head to your local climbing gym! And while you’re there, you could even try out the sport! A rock climbing gym is a perfect environment for a beginner to hone their skills.

What channel is the dawn wall on?

The Dawn Wall can be viewed on Netflix. We ranked The Dawn Wall as our editor choice for climbing movies. The Dawn Wall is the best way to get your fix of adventure from the comfort of your couch. I’ve seen this movie a handful of times and still find myself fist-pumping in excitement. The Dawn Wall and Free Solo are both excellent climbing films.

What should I watch if I liked Free Solo?

If you liked Free Solo, then check out The Dawn Wall! The Dawn Wall is also centered around El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Tommy Caldwell, one of the greatest free climbers of our generation, and Kevin Jorgensen take on one of the hardest free climbs on El Capitan.

Is climbing El Capitan hard?

Yes! But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Climbing El Capitan is a bucket list goal on the list of many climbers. Climbing a three thousand foot wall not only requires years of physical training but also mental and technical training as well.

Is there rock climbing on YouTube?

FirstPersonBeta showcases famous climbs across the country from his YouTube Channel. His channel is like watching our favorite climbing movies, from the point of view of the climber. If you’ve ever wanted to experience rock climbing without committing to a 300-foot climb, his channel is just what you’re looking for!

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