What does ATC stand for in climbing?

ATC stands for air traffic controller! If you just started climbing, chances are that you’ve seen, heard about, or used a Black Diamond tube-style belay device, but it’s been referred to as an ATC. How often have you heard someone say, “belay me with your air traffic controller”? I never have, but I have often wondered … Read more

How to read climbing routes with Air Karate

Route reading is a critical skill for rock climbing. If you’ve watched elite level climbers at competitions or the Olympics, then you’ve seen them performing what looks like air karate before they step up to send the route. What they’re doing is called “route reading”. They are miming out the hand and foot sequence for … Read more

What is top roping?

Top roping is a form of rock climbing where the climber is secured to a rope that is anchored above them at the top of the climb. This is different from lead climbing where the climber is protected by a rope that they trail behind them and is clipped into protection points as they ascend. … Read more

Elizabeth Furnace Rock Climbing

One of my favorite outdoor climbing destinations near Washington, DC is Elizabeth Furnace. Elizabeth Furnace rock climbing, which isn’t too far from Front Royal, is an excellent day trip destination for climbers in the DC metro area and it also poses a wide variety of sport and trad climbs. There are endless opportunities for adventure … Read more

Ape Index Climbing

Have some of your climbing friends been talking about their ape index? The jargon in climbing seems to be endless, and now suddenly we’re talking about apes? What is Ape Index? Ape Index is a term that describes your arm span (wingspan) in relation to your height. The ape index can be expressed as either … Read more

Climbing Gym Rehoboth Beach

If you’re looking for climbing or bouldering gyms in Rehoboth Beach Delaware (or at Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach), you don’t have many options. I guess that’s not too surprising since there are so many other awesome activities at the beach. But I understand the urge to climb! I’ve been reading a book at the … Read more

Slopers Climbing: From Foe to Friend

Slopers are one of the most controversial climbing holds among many climbers. Maybe it’s because they can put a lot of strain on your wrist, maybe it’s because the hold doesn’t always feel 100% secure, or maybe it’s because they seem scary so climbers avoid them! New climbers always get confused by slopers, when I … Read more

Bouldering vs Rock Climbing

Thinking of bouldering and rock climbing as two separate sports isn’t quite right. It’s not so much “bouldering vs rock climbing”, but that bouldering is a subset of rock climbing. Rock climbing is a general and vast sport. There are SO many niches within climbing: traditional climbing, aid climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, gym climbing… … Read more