Rock Climbing Gear Packages: The Eight Best

Rock climbing gear packages are an excellent way to get new gear and save some money… so you can buy more gear!

Whether you’re a beginner at the gym or a seasoned trad fiend eyeing your next ultra classic multi-pitch, these climbing gear packages will keep your wallet full and your closet stocked.

Also, check out the list of our favorite climbing gifts for more gear you might have missed!

Beginner Rock Climbing Packages

These beginner packages are perfect to jump-start your climbing career. Take a look at the rest of the beginner gear we recommend for climbing.

Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package comes with all the critical pieces of gear to start your climbing career.

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package is an excellent choice for new climbers heading to the wall for the first time. A comfortable harness is absolutely essential, and the Momentum will secure you as you progress in your climbing career to lead climbing and beyond.

The Momentum Harness package also comes with a belay device, a locking carabiner, a chalk bag, and chalk, all of which are must-have items when you’re dangling off the deck.

Black Diamond Big Air XP Package

The Black Diamond Big Air XP Package includes a locking carabiner and belay device.

If you already have a harness, then the Black Diamond Big Air XP Package is for you. This package comes with a locking carabiner and belay device.

Black Diamond is known for their belay device called the ATC. By the way, did you know what ATC stands for Air Traffic Controller? The name originated from the funny folks at Black Diamond since you literally control the person hanging in the air! They’re also known as tube-style belay devices.

Petzl Corax Kit

The Petzl Corax Kit is a rock climbing package full of all gear needed to start climbing.

The Petzl Corax Kit is another fantastic beginner option. Like the Black Diamond Momentum Package, this package gives you everything you need to start climbing. Petzl has been crafting world-famous mountaineering gear in France since 1975.

Sport Climbing Bundles

Trango Sport Climbing Package

The Trango Sport Climbing Package is an all-in-one sport climbing rack.

The Trango Sport Climbing Package is an all-in-one sport climbing rack. This package comes with ten quickdraws, two alpine draws, and four locking carabiners. You’ll have enough gear for any sport climb that the rock can throw at you.

Trad Climbing Package Deals

Wild Country Friend Cam Set

The Kings of Crack Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, aka The Wideboyz get high with a little help from their Friends. This Wild Country Friend set comes up with six camming devices to get you started on your first trad climbing adventures.

And watch this video of the Friends catching monster falls from the Wideboyz.

DMM Wallnut Set

DMM Wallnuts have a cult following from trad climbers. These nuts wedge into cracks of all shapes and sizes.

The DMM Wallnut has a contoured and grooved design that wedges the nut into cracks of all shapes and sizes. Having manufactured gear in North Wales since 1981, the fine folks at DMM know how to craft the perfect nut. Hold any piece of DMM gear in your hand and you feel quality oozing.

Trango Alpine Draw Pack

Rack up with one of the lightest alpine draws, the Trango Alpine Draw.

The Trango Alpine Draw Pack comes up with four of the lightest alpine draws on the market and eight ultralight Phase carabiners. The Phase alpine draw is built for any phase of your climbing career. This all -arounder is perfect for the climber that is aspiring to climb it all.

Bouldering Deals

Psychi Abyss Bouldering Bucket Starter Bundle

The Psychi Abyss bouldering Bucket Bundle (now say it again three times fast) includes everything you need as you start out at the bouldering gym. Included is enough chalk to fill your bucket, finger tape to repair flappers, and a brush to remove all the chalk the other climbers left on the crux hold.

Rock Climbing Training Packages

Trango Rock Prodigy Training Package

Redpoint harder climbs with the Trango Rock Prodigy Training Package.

If you’re looking to take your climbing training up a notch, consider the Trango Rock Prodigy Training Package. Included is the Rock Climbers Training Manual, an invaluable resource that walks you through everything you need to do in a climbing season to get strong and accomplish your climbing goals.

There you have it – eight rock climbing packages to save you money and level up your gear game! Follow Outdoor Rack Builder on Instagram and check out our featured gear collections!

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