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Climbing Gym Rehoboth Beach

If you’re looking for climbing or bouldering gyms in Rehoboth Beach Delaware (or at Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach), you don’t have many options. I guess that’s not too surprising since there are so many other awesome activities at the beach. But I understand the urge to climb!

I’ve been reading a book at the beach when suddenly I start imagining crux sequences, bomber hand jams, and shoulder ripping gastons. Thankfully, the beach is a short drive from a climbing gym!

Rise Fitness

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35770 Airport Rd, Rehoboth Beach DE 19971

Rise Fitness Review

Rise Fitness is the best gym in the area. It not only has a rock wall, but has a complete CrossFit gym, cardio machines, and a rope ladder to climb! It is a massive hangar, on the appropriately named Airport Rd, that has been recently updated. The gym is first and foremost, a CrossFit/Olympic lifting gym. There’s a massive open platform with thick flooring, equipment, and machines. The climbing wall is sort of a secondary feature. There are some inconsistencies with the route grading and it looked like they hadn’t been updated in a while. But I also had the entire climbing wall to myself! There are always pros and cons.

Rise looks like a new facility, it is clean and well maintained. I was able to get a great workout by starting off my sessions with cardio, on what appeared to be new equipment, and then heading over to the climbing wall. I saw a few group fitness classes going on as well. These classes looked like a serious workout and I am adding them to my to-do list for the next time I’m in Rehoboth Beach.

The community at Rise was fantastic. While I was walking out of the gym, the owner approached me and asked what I thought about the climbing wall and he informed me about some new upgrades that were being made to the wall. He even took the time to show me some new auto-belay systems the facility was purchasing.


I purchased a weekly pass for $50, but day passes are also available for $20. But go three times during your stay and you’ve gotten a better value!

I enjoyed my time at Rise, it was one of the few rock climbing gyms I’ve been to that also had boot camp and Olympic lifting going on at the same time! Enjoy your walk on the beach, but don’t forget to climb at Rise!

The grand opening of the climbing wall at Rise. Worth the visit from Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, or Rehoboth..


Monday – Thursday: 5AM – 10PM

Friday: 5AM – 8PM

Saturday: 6AM – 6PM

Sunday: 7AM – 5PM

35770 Airport Rd, Rehoboth Beach DE 19971

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