Rock Climbing Exercises for Beginners

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To the untrained eye, rock climbing seems like a sport where you need incredible upper body strength and fingers of steel. I’ve had friends who have never climbed before ask me how many pull ups I’m doing in my training regimine. They’re always surprised to hear my answer: not many. In my opinion, rock climbing …

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Gaston Climbing: The Complete Climbers Guide

The gaston is something took me forever to figure out. But as I’ve progressed from gym climbing, to outdoor climbing, and professional guiding, this particular hold has become my secret weapon. The first time I tried to use one I was stumped. I had done plenty of layback climbs, where using the hold was intuitive. …

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List of Rock Climbing Equipment Needed

Trad Climbing Trad climbing stands for traditional climbing. Instead of pre-drilled bolts in the wall, you place your own pieces of protection into the rock. Trad climbing is similar to sport climbing in that the lead climber will clip into protection as they climb up the wall. The difference is that the trad climber will place their own removable pieces of gear in the wall as they climb. On some trad climbs, you can expect the anchor points, or the end of a climb, to be secured with bolts.

What equipment do I need for rock climbing? Equipment list for all styles of climbing: Shoes La Sportiva FinaleTC Pro Belay Device Petzl GriGri Climbing Harness Black Diamond Momentum Harness Bouldering Gear For Beginners Mad Rock Mad Pad Rope Sterling Evolution Velocity Dynamic Rock Climbing Helmet Black Diamond Vapor Helmet Sport Climbing Equipment Quickdraws CAMP …

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What are Climbing Ropes Made of?

What makes up a rock climbing rope?

When I first started climbing, I had a very hard time trusting the climbing rope. I knew that it had been engineered over many years for climbing. But once I got high off the ground, my mind started to wander about the rope. My hands and feet would start to sweat. I’d develop Elvis leg. …

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How Tight Should Rock Climbing Shoes Be?

One of the most common questions I’ve received during my time as an AMGA instructor is “how tight should climbing shoes be?” When you buy your first pair of rock shoes, you’ll be faced with a problem that nearly all climbers face. What size climbing shoes should I get? Different shoes fit each person’s foot …

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The Truth About Gear For The AMGA SPI Assessment

Let’s gear up and find the truth about gear for the AMGA SPI Assessment. If you’re interested in becoming a rock climbing guide then you’re going to need to have the proper tools for the job. Before I took the SPI Course and Exam, a lot of the gear I was using was something that …

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Beginner Rock Climbing Gear: Five Pieces You Need

If you’re looking for beginner rock climbing gear, you may be facing information overload with all of the different gear that’s available. We here at ORB have created this gear guide for new climbers heading to the gym. We’ve taken our past experiences into account and are recommending pieces of gear that will have longevity …

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How to Become a Rock Climbing Guide

Are you wondering how to become a rock climbing guide? I was in the same boat as you. I loved teaching my friends the ins and out of rock climbing. I always have a blast sharing tips, tricks, and how to safely have fun in the mountains. I then began to daydream about getting a …

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Rock Climbing Gift Ideas

Searching for rock climbing gifts for the climber in your life? It’s easy to smile and nod when you listen to rock climbers talk about their latest escapades, but what are we supposed to do now that we have to actually find gifts for climbers!? Yea, we could just get them an REI gift card, …

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