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Black Diamond Camalot Z4 Offset 0.2 0.3

Black Diamond Camalot Z4 Offset 0.2 0.3

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Black Diamond continues to lead the charge on innovating camming devices. First there was the original Camalot, which still continues to be regarded as the gold standard of camming devices everywhere, and then the C3, X4, and current Ultralight models lightened up trad racks over the past few seasons. Now, the Camalot Z4 replaces the X4 as Black Diamond's most technically advanced camming device specialized for smaller cracks like the splitters in Indian Creek, or even if you're going light and fast in the Bugaboos. This Offset model fits in irregular cracks, flares, and pin scars. Black Diamond designed the Z4 range of Camalots with BD's top trad athletes to ensure everything any climber could ever want in a cam. Finally, climbers can now squeeze a single-stemmed camming device without the stem bending over, and not just that, every different size has the same flex for a consistent performance. The heads are narrower than previous Camalots as well, and they're easier to place and clean in tighter constrictions. Black Diamond sandblasted the lobes for better holding power, and added a new Dynex sling with a unique colorway that's easier to pick out in a rack full of older Camalots.

Black Diamond Camalot Z4 Offset 0.2 0.3 Tech Specs