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Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe

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Black Diamond’s Momentum Climbing Shoe balances comfort with performance to help us learn how to climb comfortably. Black Diamond made this shoe’s upper out of a unique knit that boosts breathability without compromising durability. This enhanced breathability also cuts the stench that standard leather climbing shoes excrete in your car, closet, or wherever you store your climbing shoes. Since this isn’t a leather or synthetic leather climbing shoe, the Momentum won't stretch as much as usual climbing shoes, so we recommend getting this pair in your street shoe size even though your friends are telling you to size down. The NeoFriction rubber sole is also unique in that it’s molded—as opposed to the usual cutting from one sheet of rubber—to the shoe in order to increase longevity and ensure traction on greasy, plastic footholds.

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe Tech Specs