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bluewater 9.1mm icon single climbing rope 80m


Skinny little ropes lack the longevity and bombproof peace of mind that fat workhorse ropes do, right? Wrong. The BlueWater Ropes 9.1mm Icon Single Climbing Rope offers undiluted performance with a slender diameter. With a 35% sheath mass and tight braid to keep the rope from becoming floppy over time, the design of the Icon decreases the amount of drag, which means less abrasion as you drag it over innumerable pitches of granite or sandstone. At a dainty weight of 55 grams per meter, you'll barely feel it while you're on the sharp end, but you'll sure know it's there when you whip thanks to its 5 UIAA fall rating.

bluewater 9.1mm icon single climbing rope 80m Tech Specs