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Boreal Diabolo Climbing Shoe

Boreal Diabolo Climbing Shoe

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If your current plateau of progress in the vertical world is driving you to strike a deal with the red dude downstairs, you could just buy Boreal's Diabolo Climbing Shoe instead. Moderately downturned, the Diabolo serves senders looking to step up their game on harder, steeper boulders and routes. Its slightly asymmetric shape enhances power without losing overall comfort. Boreal reinforced the split leather upper and double hook-and-loop straps with sturdy Lorica to reduce stretching and increase longevity. The Diabolo also features a padded tongue for forefoot comfort while crack climbing, and the soft midsole works with the grippy FS-Quattro rubber sole to ensure solid traction on edges, slabs, and overhangs.

Boreal Diabolo Climbing Shoe Tech Specs