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DMM Dragonfly Cam 2

DMM Dragonfly Cam 2

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The DMM Dragonfly Cam is a miniaturized version of the Dragon Cam, designed for narrower cracks and smaller pockets. The size 1 Dragonfly is actually the smallest camming device designed for a fall; there might be other smaller cams, but this one is actually rated to catch you. DMM updated this cam with TripleGrip lobes to enhance overall grip. Some of the lobes have an anodized coating for organized coloring, but the others are left raw to give a better bite into rock. Like DMM's popular Dragon cams, the Dragonfly comes with an extendable sling that can reduce rope drag on long, wandering routes. The flexible stem now has a woven sheath to increase durability and overall performance.

DMM Dragonfly Cam 2 Tech Specs