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Edelweiss Curve Rope 70M

Edelweiss Curve Rope 70M

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The Edelweiss Curve Rope is the perfect choice for climbers that want to step up their game whether they're climbing sport, trad, or multipitches. Its 9.8mm diameter is the first step towards using skinner, lighter ropes without worrying over slippery handling, and a high UIAA fall-rating makes sure you can climb with this rope a lot longer than you could with most 9.8mm ropes. Perform 3 construction ensures excellent durability, enhanced shock absorption, lighter weight, and a lower impact force for a softer catch. The HD Cover braids each thread individually—as opposed to multi-thread braiding on standard ropes—to make the sheath smoother without making it stiff.

Edelweiss Curve Rope 70M Tech Specs