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Wild Country Friend Camming Device 3

Wild Country Friend Camming Device 3

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Wild Country's Friend Camming Device started saving climbers in 1977, and what once was a bulky, heavy, steel-stemmed monstrosity is now a superlight, highly-refined beauty for the contemporary climber. Modern updates include the groundbreaking double axle design that allows passive placements, and Wild Country upgraded each axle with a hollow interior to reduce weight without inhibiting the cam's overall strength. The Friend also features a new Dyneema sling that extends to resist rope drag and keep the rope out of cracks. Hot-forged construction keeps the cam as light as the competition, and high-friction faces ensure grip on the slipperiest stone. Both the trigger and thumb loop style an ergonomic feel, and the trigger features stops for easier cleaning.

Wild Country Friend Camming Device 3 Tech Specs